Where is Smart Car Spare Tire?

Knowing the location of the smart car spare tire is indeed quite intriguing. As we know, smart cars are so small. They seem to be very compact and do not have the space to store the spare tire. Is this true? Well, before moving on to solve the mystery of where the spare time of a smart car is, you better take a look at some explanations of why spare tire is important. Having spare tire in the car is essential because anytime you get flat tire, you can change the tire and moving on. If you do not have one, you will have to do a lot of work before having the car running again. Below, is the answer to find out where smart car spare tire is.

Smart Car Spare Tire

  1. The Location of the Spare Tire

There are two types of smart car. The first tipe is the smart car that has only two seats. One for the passenger and one for the driver. The second type is the smart car that has four seats, one for the driver and the rest is for the passengers. In smart car with two seats, unfortunately they do not have spare tire inside the car due to the compact size. As for the smart cars with four seats, the spare tire, if really needed, is stored on the backseat. The spare tire is squeezed under the backseat sometimes.

  1. The Alternative for Tire

Since most of the smart cars do not have spare tire, jack, or even wheel wrench, there must be something else in the car to help you when you get flat tire. There is indeed. It is called a repair kit. The repair kit is a set of tools. Inside the set is 12V air pump and a pressure. There is also some other tools that you may need to solve the flat tire. It can all be used to do an emergency tire repair. The set of tools can be usually found under the carpet. They are wrapped with foam block. If the tire is damaged beyond repair and no reliable smart car spare tire is found, it is better for you to use your phone and find the nearest automotive repair center. You do not have to be worried about that because unless you are in the middle of nowhere, finding automotive repair center is easy. They can give you smart car spare tire and you can continue your journey.

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