Understanding the Smart Car Safety Rating

The smart car safety rating is often sought by a lot of people. These days, with all the technology, smart car has stolen the show. This kind of car is indeed a unique car with unusual appearance. The appearance of the smart car is mostly like a cube or box with wheels. This car is small and it can only carry two people, including the driver. Even though being small, the engine used in most smart car is not that bad. Normally the three-cylinder engine is used in smart car so that the car can have enough power. However, what about the smart car safety rating and its safety feature? Below is more information about that for you.

 Smart Car Safety

1.     The Problem with Its Weight

This smart car is basically a small car. However, it is not only small but it is also light. Most of the smart cars weigh only 1500 pounds, approximately. That is why this type of car is considered easily as one of the lightest kinds of car you can probably found on the road. The safety rating of a vehicle, especially car, sometimes heavily relies on the weight of the vehicle itself. This smart car is very light and the biggest problems with considerably small and light car are that it is prone to collision. Even when the car crashes or collides, the car can be unsafe. Its small size can get easily crushed by bigger vehicles during a collision. That is why the safety rating of this kind of car is actually pretty low. The smart car safety rating result of this type of car is probably just around two and a half to three stars out of five.

2.     The Safety Features of Smart Car

Safety features are just needed by any kinds of car, including smart cars. The standard safety features are basically the airbags and the seatbelts. In most smart cars, these features are available. However, with the limited space inside the car, the usage of both airbag and seatbelt cannot be pushed to the best. The two safety features are just basically used to strap down the driver and passengers during the ride. However, during a crash or collision, the safety features of this kind of car are not helping that much. Aside of the negativity in its safety features, progress is kept being worked on by smart car manufactures so that the type of car can be used safety without ignoring the smart car safety rating.

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