Smart Cars Safety

Are Smart Cars Safe? There may be many people asking about this. Actually, the idea of ​​Nicholas Hayek is the beginning of the responsibility of a small car, easy to park and fuel efficient. Hayek teamed up with Mercedes to create a unique money vehicle in 1994. Smart is a combination of Swats, Mercedes, and Art. Smart car sales are slower than Hayek’s estimates, but the fuel price hikes are driving the car sales up. The company started selling more smart cars in 2008. The smart car measures only eight feet. This car has only half the size of a traditional car. EPA assessed the fuel of this car at a speed of 32 mpg for the city and 39 mpg on the highway. You can find a wide range of compact cars with more value than that number. The increased gas price makes this car sell like hotcakes. This car distributor has orders of up to 25,000 vehicles. This is a very fantastic amount. All dealers have a very long waiting list for smart cars.Are Smart Cars Safe

Highest Safety Rating

Are Smart Cars Safe and Affordable? Perhaps the explanation below can answer your question. The smart car managed to get a very good score in the collision test conducted by IIHS. It is an independent institution that tests the safety standards of a car. This steel car gets five stars because it uses advanced technology and is supported with airbags on the side. This car does have a pretty good security performance and become more secure than other cars with a smaller size than the car. The expensive cost is a comparable price for the features that are in this car. This car has an easy handling with high-tech acceleration. This car can drive 80 miles per hour. Car sites have shown that there are many consumers who prove that this car has an affordable price compared to a conventional car. This car is better than electric cars and hybrids. This car has a better ability than a conventional car.

Energy Efficiency

You definitely need a city car for commute and a short assignment. You need a car that is lively. You can get this car across the United States. This latest edition car can travel as far as 68 miles in the city or highway. That’s the explanation of Are Smart Cars Safe? This car is very safe because it has the highest value in the safety test. You do not have to worry when driving a smart car for long or close trips.

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