Smart Car: Is It Safe and Economical or Just Small?

Smart Car accidents are of course related to its safety. So, is smart car safe or just small? We are going to find out by reading this article. Some people want to buy Smart Car because it is considered fuel economical and more safety than the regular car that use gasoline. Since the body is so small then it makes the car easy to park. But is it worth enough the dollars? The original idea of smart car is the small, fuel economic, friendly with environment and easy to park car. By developing the original idea, the car appears to be what you see in nowadays. Through this article we are going to give insight from different angle.

Smart Car Accidents

Smart Car earns highest safety rating

When we are talking about smart car safety, ForTwo did really well while doing the accident test from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS. And this car achieved the 5-star rating which is the higher rate. It is due to the car’s steel that applies the steel frame with race car style. This car also uses the front and side airbags that adopt the liberal use of high technology in it. Besides the safety performance which is pretty good for tiny car class, the testers from IIHS made notes that bigger and heavier cars cannot be apart with the safer capability in comparison of smaller cars. But still, smart car accidents could not be worse than the bigger cars, could it?

Real energy efficiency

Smart car engine is good for city tour. And for people who need car that will suit the needs of commuting in the city with short errands, ForTwo in nowadays could be your consideration on the top list. This car can run for 68 miles on the highway and city in combination for the charge. ForTwo will make the competition with the other rivals, such as Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius, really interesting.

So, if we are talking about the cost then we have good insight too. The price that is tagged for ForTwo is actually quite high too. Smart Car is not best known for the acceleration or the handling. Well, they can go up to 80 miles per hour if you want to. But if you really do not need smart car that much, you better invest it on compact car instead. But still, the safety of compact car cannot be guaranteed after good rate for safety on Smart car accidents.

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