Smart Car Features and Gas Mileage

Smart car gas mileage is kind of important to know. Well, people need to know everything before they decide to buy something, especially a car that they will use every day. Smart car can be touted as the good option for people who live in the city with traffic but they need to mobile and commute regularly every day. Smart car fuel economy will make your day better even though it only works like middling-optimum. The shape is small and tiny but it gives you a lot of convenience if you are not into big car. The small shape does not mean that it will not give convenience for your safety. Smart car even gets the excellent rate for the safety matter.

Smart Car Gas Mileage

Things you should know about smart car

Well, if we look up on the Smart ForTwo, this car comes in several types and variations as well as the limited edition. All the basic things in and on the car are generally the same. The differences are on the body shape and the features that provide comfort stuff in the interior section. You can bring your car to shop some groceries since it provides roomy space on the back. The varied on the smart car price also depends on the style. The styles are divided into two types such as solid roof version and the cabriolet version. The cabriolet is equipped with retractable canvas roof. But the smart car gas mileage between one and another is basically the same. The body shapes are also divided into three styles such as Passion, Pulse, and Pure. And as we have said earlier, the differences are laid on the luxury features that equipped on the car. The luxury features are such as the better stereo system, air conditioner, roof with glass, and steering wheel that covered with leather.

The energy of each style

Now we are talking about each style of ForTwo. The Pure car with low-end feature is available with 50-horsepower energy on the engine. But the basic three styles are equipped with 61-horsepower engine. Softip transmission system is available for the Pulse and Pure style. It makes the manual transmission does not need the clutch. Meanwhile, the Passion style comes with the Softouch transmission system that gives the driver the automatic transmission. No matter it is 50-horsepower or 61-horsepower engine, they come with three cylinder engines that make them have same smart car gas mileage.

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