Smart Car and Monster Truck Combination

Smart Car Monster Truck sounds like a weird idea which people can try with their smart car. There is no question that people have certain mindset about smart car. People also have specific mindset about the monster truck. Both are two different things which can be found in the automotive world. The main reason why people have consideration about taking the smart car is because they have awareness of going green. However, of course it does not mean that they have to forget about the American tradition which is pretty classic thing about car. Rallies with monster truck are what we are talking about. Is it possible to make the smart car into monster truck?

Smart Car and Monster Truck Combination

Smart Car

There are some specific things about smart car which people have in their mind. They might imagine about something small and sweet about the smart car. There is no doubt that smart car comes with small size for optimizing the energy use so the fuel economy can be improved. People must not forget about the main reason why the smart car is made. It has purpose for helping people going green while driving their car. It surely becomes a perfect choice for city car since the city is packed with cars so they can drive and park it easier.

Monster Truck

Completely different thing will come in people’s imagination when they are talking about the monster truck. They will think about something huge and wild. It cannot be separated from the muscle after all. It has strong relation with adrenaline rush for sure. We can make sure that people will associate the monster truck with the vehicle which has larger size. Nevertheless, people will be surprised with thing they can do with the smart car and monster truck in mind at once.


The smart car which used to be cute and small can be converted into monster truck. This is something which is done by Stefan Attart who is a Greek Rally champion. The Smart Fortwo body shell is combined with the Unimog 406 which comes with four wheel drive underpinnings along with industrial grade. As the result, people can find the towering monster truck which has two seats. It is called Forfun 2. The height of the monster truck made from smart car is 145.6 inches. Inline diesel engine with six cylinders supplies the power for this monster truck. Air springs can also be found for raising and lowering the suspension manually for optimizing the off road ability of Smart Car Monster Truck.

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