Review of 2017 Smart Electric Drive

Smart Car Msrp must be a question which is made by many people about the smart car. Smart label can be more and more often recently. It is not only about the smart phone anymore because the smart label can be found for various kinds of technology product including transportation technology. Nowadays, people are able to find the car which is added with smart label. In this circumstance, people of course will consider about 2017 smart electric drive. This is one of latest Smart Car product which people are looking for. Before asking about the msrp, there is no doubt that knowing more about the specification is necessary.

Smart Car Msrp


Yes, it is crucial to know more about the specification of 2017 Smart Car Electric Drive. The very first thing people have to know must be the motor and it is supported with three phase synchronous drive train. This drive train has ability for delivering 80 horsepower as well as 118 lb-ft of torque. Fixed ratio transmission can also be found from this smart car model. Of course people also want to know about the mileage of this smart range and the estimation range is from 70 to 80 miles.

Pros and Cons

Just any other transportation product even for the car which is not added with smart label, people will always be able to find the good and bad parts which must be included in the consideration of buying the car for sire. People will love 2017 Smart Car Electric Drive because it comes with the electric drive train which has smooth performance. It is not the only good thing which can be found from this car model because it also has turning radius which is pretty tight. It means that it will be perfect choice for small road or parking lot. Another good thing which can be found from this car is the torque response. Once again, the fact that this car can be park pretty easily surely will be a great thing to love. However, there are also some parts of the car which might be hated by people. One thing, this car does not have a strong value. The headliner of the car is pretty cheap as well. People will also experience the driving with choppy ride. It might not be kind of comfortable and presentable car for many people. The price is started at about $23,816 in Germany if people are asking about this Smart Car Msrp.

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