Review of 2016 Smart Fortwo

Smart Car Mpg surely becomes crucial information which people have to know carefully if they want to make sure that they are able to get the optimum function of the smart car. There must be very high expectation about the smart car especially since smart label can be found easily nowadays. Innovation is unstoppable and there are more and more cars which come with smart label so people can really expect for high technology support from the car. 2016 Smart Fortwo can be the smart car which people are looking for but there is no way they can make any decision before they check for the specification first. They also have to consider about the good thing and the bad thing from this car.

Smart Car Mpg


The performance of this smart car is supported by turbocharged engine with three cylinders and also 898 cc fuel capacity. The engine is able to produce 89 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque. This car comes with dual clutch automatic transmission with six speeds but people also can choose the manual one with five speeds. Per gallon of fuel can reach 33 miles in the city or 39 miles in the highway or 36 miles in combined roads.

Pros and Cons

People have to consider about the good sides as well as the bad sides of every product including the smart car before they make the decision to buy it or not. In this circumstance, people need to make sure that they choose the product which is suitable to their expectation the most. If they are looking for smart car, the pros and cons from 2016 Smart Fortwo can be a great start for ensuring whether this car can be the best choice for them or not. This car can offer people with various kinds of good sides after all. Compared to the previous generation, 2016 generation of this car model comes with improvement which is pretty dramatic. There is still another great thing which can be found such as dual clutch automatic specification which can be found. The fact that this car can also offer fuel economy will also be loved by people. They must not forget about the torque which is great as well. Nevertheless, people might have to think twice when they know about the suspension tuning of the car. This car also comes with blind spots. The price which is pretty expensive will make people forget about Smart Car Mpg.

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