How Safe is Your Smart Car? or Just Small?

How Safe Are Smart Cars

Originally ideas of Lebanese born entrepreneur or the inventor Nicolas Hayek of Swatch watch frame, Smart car were designed in small shape, fuel efficiency and responsible toward the easier to park which become the ultimate of city car. Back on 1994, Hayek and Swatch were signed with Daimler Benz (the German Maker from venerable Mercedes) to develop unique vehicle. Even the company name of Smart was derived from combination between words Swatch, Mercedes and art. As we know that Smart car was having unique appealing and look almost cube on the wheels with the front edge that getting trimmed down. However, the ratio of length to width helps the corner getting high stability. Because their small shape, some peoples sometime doubting about How Safe Are Smart Cars?

One of the major issue with very small and light car was that they could be unsafe when collision. This is also make us wonder is it safe for Smart car?  The Smart solution was the tridion for steel safety shell. This hemispherical for steal cage was covering the inner part car and forms the bulk of Smart’s chassis as well. The small energy absorbing of crumple zone in the front car also reduce the impact and the machine live inside the trunk instead in the front. This tridion shell also had been holdup remarkably well in crash test. Many reports also had been revealing that Smart Car body had remained mostly intact than comparing with sub compact vehicle. So, this is can answer your curiosity about how safe your Smart car?

Several features of Smart Car

The Smart Car was domes into some variations, along with the some versions in limited edition. Most of versions also differ only in terms of body and convenience features inside the interior. This car also having 2 seats with enough room in back area for your groceries items, this is also come up with coupe version with the solid roof and cabrio with retractable of canvas roof. Every style also come up with 3 different models, they are: passion, pure and pulse. These are show that there is increasing of luxury feature, such as: leather covered for steering wheel, a glass roof, AC and improvement of sound features. Only Pure that become low end model which only available with 50 horsepower. So, that short explanation above can answer your wondering of How Safe Are Smart Cars?

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