Graco Smart Seat Car for Your Beloved Baby

When you shop for car seat, safety was always become top of your consideration. There is the only one way to bring home your baby from hospital and this is an infant safe car seat. As we know that there are many options and features that offered for car seat. This is sometime make parent wonder which one most secure and convenience for your baby. This Graco Smart Seat All-In-One Car Seat can be your best recommendation.  However you should note that there some kinds of car seats, some of them: the rear facing car seat or convertible seat (which facing the rear of the car fisrt then was turned into front). Buying convertible seat car can save up your money because it last until toddlerhood.  Then all-in-one car seat that provide you with great value since birth to booster. This is also able save up your money and able to accommodate children from 5 until 45lbs. But this is also depending on manufacturers.

Graco Smart Seat All-In-One Car Seat

Specifications of Graco Smart Seat All-In-On

As car seat, this is will save more your money as mentioned before and this product even fits for children from 5-100 lbs. This Smart Seat All-In-One Car Seat was equipped with Smart Base which stay in car base for one time installation and getting side impact tested that meet with all of applicable US safety. So you do not worry about their safety anymore and this is also bring convenience for your beloved baby. Convenience and safety were become the most value point that should be considerate.


–               The settle reinforced for car sear and stay in car base to give more power and durability.

–               Seat to base for locking indicators can help parent to ensure that the car seat was secured into the base.

–               The level indicator also easy to read that help to prevent installation guesswork.

–               One hand with adjustable head rest can be adjusted without rethread harness and automatically adjust the harness height with headrest as well.

–               Integrated with the harness storage of compartment hold the harness which were nit in use while the bold positioning booster mode.

–               Equipped with flip up armrest that easier your child to in and out from car seat.

–               EPS technology with energy absorbing foam liner

–               Attached with child’s cup to store drink close by.

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