2017 Smart ForTwo Reviews and Dimensions

Smart Car dimensions are of course smaller than the regular car. But you will be amazed with how this car will take people inside the car tour around the city with good safety. Until today, ForTwo is the smallest car sold in the market. It carries two passengers inside the car with unique character of the features from a car. It can be touted as the sub-compact car with incredibly big interior, considering the dimensions of this smart car is so tiny. This car also provides fuel economy even though it is not that optimum. Other than that, the bad manner of this car when it steps on the highway could turn off the buyers. Still, if you are looking for a car that is easy to park, you should look further for this car.

Smart Car Dimensions

There are also several things that have changed recently. ForTwo adds new series of Brabus Sport Package that considerably makes the car runs and performs better.

The overview

2017 Smart ForTwo is the third generation that gets several changes in comparison of the first generation. It is basically tall and narrow for the overall shape but it stands out with the new design. The smart car dimensions are 106.1 inches for the length and it makes this car only 50 inches shorter than MINI Cooper that has four doors. Even though it is shorter than four-door MINI Cooper, ForTwo has pretty roomy cabin space. The materials of the dashboard are fine along with the intuitive controls.

This new smart car basically cannot be ordered by using conventional infotainment system that based on touch screen. You have to connect your smartphone with Cross Connect feature so you can use the navigation, fuel consumption, trip history, online radio, and sometimes, city guidebooks. It also has the history of exact parking location of the car.

What you can expect from the smart car

Smart ForTwo is a perfect choice to be your ride in city driving. It zips through the traffic and it also fits the smallest space for parking. It gives great experience on maneuvering and it is also the reason why the parking is easy. But due to the short wheelbase, it makes you a bit darted and easily got cross wind too. This car is practically ideal for driver in young age. And if you like some variations for your car, you can buy the smart car kit that match the smart car dimensions.

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