2015 Scion Smart Car Reviews

Scion Smart Car is one of the smart cars available in nowadays that have small body so everyone could park it very easily. Other than that, this smart car also has the fuel economy. But in overall, the rivals have the better price even with the same specs and features. The rivals also offer more spacious space inside the car. Still based on critics, the rivals also offer a lot more interesting thing while driving their Smart Car. So, in this article we are going to talk about Scion IQ review. It is going to be interesting especially if you have a plan to buy a new smart car. Let us start the review.

Scion Smart Car

Performance summary

After doing the test drive, we agree that the four-cylinder engine of Scion Smart Car gives adequate power for driving around the city but it gets strained when it starts to walks on the highway merging and passing. The automatic transmission or CVT can be touted as standard and the CVT itself makes the engine sounded so loudly when the acceleration is getting on. The 2015 Scion IQ has the EPA-estimated 36/37 mpg for highway/city and this car is so great for its class.

This car has small body and size in overall. It makes the car so easy to maneuver and to park in limited space. But there are also several cons we get. One of them is the rival has smarter move that makes Scion IQ tends to have issue on the composure both on the highway and even the rough pavement.

Interior summary

Well, the first thing we noticed while entering into the car, the cabin made of hard plastic materials. It is kind of common for the class though. Most test drivers agree that the front seat is quite comfortable but there is not much adjustment for the driver seat. On the passenger seat, the cabin is built farther from the side that makes more spaces for adults to seat comfortably on the rear seat. But unfortunately there is almost no space for the cargo especially if the rear seat is used.

There are several standard features of this car such as the Bluetooth, infotainment system with 6.1 inch touch-screen, Pioneer audio system with six speakers, auxiliary audio jack, input for USB, HR radio, and some entries with keyless feature. So, after reading this review we hope that you find it helpful to consider buying Scion Smart Car.

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